Key highlights of the system

Wireless Communications

Clean Development Technologies (CDT) has developed the SkyBUOY concept to facilitate low cost, highly efficient, wireless communication between distant sites.
Low construction, installation and maintenance costs
Strict point to point wireless communications
Data, voice and video applications
Ultra low latency
Can be isolated from Internet and other network connections
Does not require line of sight
Long range capability without the need for relays
Intrinsic quantum encryption
High band width - 64Gbps per link - and links can be bundled
No satellites
No towers
No cables
Spin-off developments in numerous industrial spheres

The principle

SkyBUOY component operates at less than 0.5 Kelvins (-272.65°C), while intergalactic space is a balmy 2.7K (-270.45°C), more than 500% hotter.

This requires a high vacuum production environment with specially designed robotic systems. Any gases contacting the working surfaces will instantly condense, so no hydrocarbon lubricants can be employed.

The primary components will be engineered at the finest resolution, as per the state of the art. We will be operating at less than 10nm (10-8m). By comparison, the average healthy human hair is approximately 100,000nm in diameter.

The enclosed space within the outer SkyBUOY casing will be a near perfect (or high) vacuum. That is, less than 0.0001 atmospheres. This requires advanced novel engineering to manufacture perfect seals in the high vacuum production environment.

When fully chilled, the pressure drops even lower, to that of intergalactic space!

Wireless Communications

Local infrastructure solutions

In addition to the previously cited advantages, SkyBUOY is:

  • Impossible to hijack or tap
  • Impossible to sabotage
  • With no need for trunking cables, the permission of numerous authorities and landowners is not required
  • As stated, the cost of installation is significantly lower , and so is the time. All of which allows providers to focus on service
Enterprise solutions

In addition to the forgoing, SkyBUOY:

  • Provides a national or international network isolated from the Internet
  • High speeds even in the remotest locations
  • Extremely low latency
  • Benefits from the built-in quantum encryption, whether it is a single connection , or a thousand
Aviation solution
  • SkyBUOY can connect aircraft to ground stations from anywhere to anywhere right around the globe
  • Data transfer rates allow the flight data and voice recorders to be echoed live at the ground station
  • This allows live monitoring of the aircraft with the potential to head-off some disaster situations
  • SkyBUOY can be used to provide fast, low cost data and voice services for passengers
  • There are NO black spots

The base SkyBUOY component operates at less than 0.5 Kelvins (-272.65°C), while intergalactic space is a balmy 2.7K (-270.45°C), more than 500% hotter.

device Subscriber device
Encrypted login
and communication
Battery Solar glass Minimal infrastructure required

Welcome to the future

  drive SkyBUOY component mesh

The geo spacial distributed nature of the infrastructure allows for peer to peer sharing of resources, for example creating the the world's largest storage drive with fault tolerance and redundancy.

It would be theoretically possible to also send power wirelessly in a new model of non-EM based connections where there would be no need for charging the phones as they could be powered over the air.

The SkyBUOY people
Parvez Hamid
Parvez Hamid Director and Co-founder

Parvez has a background in Computer Science R&D, with extensive experience in project management, QC and hands-on engineering. Parvez is an excellent business administrator. 7 years to date as a director of Clean Development Projects Limited.

Neil Faulkner
Neil Faulkner Director and Co-founder

Neil is responsible for design and development of the SkyBUOY concept, with particular emphasis on materials science and nano-fabrication techniques. Neil is a polymath, with a background in ecology and sustainable development. 7 years to date as managing director of Clean Development Projects Limited, offering a scientific and ecological approach to agricultural development and power generation.

Jeremy Coast
Jeremy Coast Director and Programme Manager

Jeremy is an experienced technical project manager, business / applications analyst and programmer with UK telecoms and international corporations. Jeremy is responsible for managing the R&D programme at Clean Development Projects Limited and SkyBUOY Limited.

Aram Kovach
Aram Kovach Director and Campaign manager

11 years to date, President and CEO at Mobius International Inc., Aram is a global strategist and technology digerati, consultant and inventor with numerous patents. Mobile interactive marketing and a self-learning recognition AI system for use with camera cell phones. 19 years to date, CEO at CompEx Inc., offering e-commerce, e-business and solutions integration; interactive and multimedia web portal streaming and hosting.

Catherine Coast
Catherine Coast Director and Public Relations Manager

Catherine is an administrator and customer service professional with a wealth of experience across a range of client focused and client engaged environments. 7 years to date, Catherine is the owner / creator of luxury online lingerie boutique, Violet’s Knickers.

Clinton Coursey
Clinton Coursey Director and Network Architect

12 years to date, Sr. Network Architect and Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, Clint was Lead Architect and product engineer for Optical Networking Products. He has also designed and implemented large scale, ultra-long haul and metropolitan DWDM and SONET networks in the Domestic U.S., as well as low latency optical networks focused on algorithmic trading and HFT for investment banking apps.

Jeremy Wren
Jeremy Wren Design Consultant

Jeremy is a highly experienced and talented R&D engineer in electronics. He is also an accomplished marine and automobile electrician. Jeremy is consulting for the team in the design of power handling, monitoring, communications and testing aspects of the project. Jeremy has a classified résumé developing communications for British services.

Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson Design Consultant and Explorer

Ray is an R&D engineering consultant based at Imperial College, London. He has designed and engineered a micro-meteor collection system for the International Space Station, and cutting-edge (literally) radio frequency surgical tools for liver sectioning. He is also an Antarctic science expert, testing medical devices in extreme conditions. This included a 22-day expedition traversing Antarctica. Ray is advising on structural elements of the project, including materials, machining and assembly.

Medhat A. Mahmoud
Medhat A. Mahmoud Business Consultant

Medhat is a highly experienced oil industry executive with Royal Dutch Shell. This includes 3 years as Chairman of Shell Libya in the period before the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi. Med has broad commercial and large-scale project management experience.

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